New STAR WARS Acquisitions – ebay arrivals!

So this is my obnoxious gloating post.  I have a gift for being able to hunt things down in ebay that are otherwise impossible to locate. The greatest joy is when you find a listing by someone who has no idea what they’re selling.

First items that I received today are not my gloating items, although I’m very excited about them – I received my 12 pack “arms” collection of Japanese Pepsi bottle caps for “Revenge of the Sith.” They came lickety split fast from overseas – I was shocked to see them arrive today.

Second box was the kick-ass steal. I almost didn’t look at this listing because it was mostly advertising a Darth Vader Bust and the pic that I could see was one that I already had – but tacked onto the end of the description was “and Luke Skywalker!” It grabbed my attention. When I opened the listing the descriptions of the items were very jumbled – there was a mention that the bust was by Gentle Giant, but no real description of Luke other than listing off a bunch of features. Then I looked through the tiny gallery of photos and my heart stopped. The Luke, was a Medicom Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker figure. I already had the bust, so that wasn’t why I wanted the auction. You’ll find in reading my blog that I LOVE larger figures – 12″ scale and larger are the better. I’ve never gotten my mitts on any of the Medicom figures because they’re so pricey. I went for it with the auction – and came away winning it for a whopping $28. I think Luke had been displayed at some point, his pants were on backwards, but otherwise he was complete, clean, and dust free. Neither item smelled of smoke or anything. I was beyond excited! Reviews coming soon for my new goodies!


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