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Forces of Destiny Line Lives On

Seven years ago this blog put up a petition demanding that we get more female dolls for Star Wars and last year Hasbro finally gave us the start of our dream. The Forces of Destiny line might not be exactly what any of us were envisioning and it’s had a rather rocky start but the line will continue through this year w/ the release of 2 gift-packs and  three standard dolls.

I enjoy the fact that they look like toys and are far more affordable than the high end collector’s figures (Hot Toys and Sideshow.) They are also great for young girls.

If we want Hasbro to continue with it – we need to pony up and buy the dolls when they come out at full retail to support the line.

The line is a mixture of part action figure/ part doll. I don’t know that this perfectly works or not, time will only tell. Females don’t like the molded plastic, for most females the best doll out of the first batch was the Endor Leia set that came w/ the 2 outfits and Wicket. The rest all have molded clothing elements that don’t quite work.

Hoth Leia and Jyn were some of the lesser liked figures because their molded legs were distracting looking. Because they were designed so that you could squeeze the legs and make the doll twist to shoot a gun, when they weren’t squeezed together the dolls stand in a rather unlady-like position. They look like they just finished a week long trek on the back of  a Taun Taun.

Out of the 2 I found Hoth Leia to be less distracting, at least her full white outfit gave her lines such that you didn’t notice too badly how wide her legs were separated.

The female figures also don’t stand on their own very well so they require stands for displaying.

The dolls did have nice hair, face molds, and accessories. I just feel if they all had fabric pants they would’ve sold and looked better. The Rey dolls had longer tunics that helped to hide the thigh gaps. All of the new dolls  (Rey, Ahsoka, Padme) coming out have that area hidden which should greatly improve how they look.

Sabine in my opinion was one of the best dolls from the first batch – the mixture of plastic molded outfit and cloth worked well w/ her being a bounty hunter. The pants as you can tell, nicely covers the awkward thigh gap.

Some kudos to Hasbro, short hair isn’t easy to control on dolls and they did a great job w/ her bob hairstyle. (Psst you guys could’ve done that w/ both Luke and Kylo.)

Sabine’s helmet perfectly fits on her head. I like with this line that they didn’t shy away from the females having weapons. They’re true to their characters and they didn’t feel the need to Disney-fy them and not allow them to be warriors, scoundrels, and protectors.

Bespin Luke and Yoda and Chewbacca have just been released. Chewbacca came out amazing. I bought him out of obligation to the line and he’s now one of my favorites from the series so far. I love him so much that I want to pick up a couple more of him for my other displays.

I like the Luke/Yoda also.

I really, REALLY want Anakins now to go with the upcoming Padme.

The more dolls who get released, they look fantastic displayed together.

We have six figure/dolls that are coming out this year are starting to hit retail – be on the lookout for Bespin Luke/Yoda and Chewbacca. A New Hope Leia is also showing up in limited quantities.

Padme, Ahsoka, and Kylo/Rey are coming out in the next two months. Be on the look out for them as well. This line can survive but they need to sell before they all end up in the clearance bin.  Look out for sales if you need the dolls to be cheaper, but budget to pick them up at full price. Remember that in reality they’re not much more than the Black Series and the dolls are a bigger and are aimed at GIRLS!  Let’s remind Hasbro that the Force doesn’t only belong to the male fanbase and that we want more of these dolls made to keep the play alive for generations of young girls to come.

Check out my reviews and more photos for the Forces of Destiny dolls from this line on my Star Wars Shrine Facebook feed:

Hoth Leia and R2-D2

Endor Leia and Wicket

Rey – Resistance outfit & BB-8

Rey – Jakku Outfit

Jyn Erso – Rogue One

Sabine – Bounty Hunter

Bespin Luke and Yoda



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Hot Toys Han Solo and Chewbacca 1/6 Scale Figures: Star Wars A New Hope


Ok so I took Han and Chewie out of their box tonight! I really wish they’d figure out a better way to swap hands then the little flimsy wrist knob things. Of course I broke one of Han’s 🙄 Thankfully they had another set. One of Chewie’s came completely out when I went to swap his hands, thankfully it didn’t break though. (See full gallery of photos on my Facebook page.)


Overall impressions, they’re both amazing. At some point (probably this weekend) I’ll take some comparison pics w/ my different figures. I don’t have a lot of different Han Solos because most were ugly.


Figures came together in one box. Fun bonus there was a cool piece of photoshop art w/ the 2 figures on top of the box, that will definitely be displayed. I nearly didn’t get the bottom plastic piece off it was so freaking snug.


I got both of the exclusive figures so Chewie had an extra giant blaster thing and Han had a Commlink and a stormtrooper belt as extra accessories. Han came w/ his blaster, 8 full sets of hands, an extra hair piece that fit’s his headset, and his belt. Chewie has his Wookie purse, 1 extra pair of furred hands, and a headset. Both of course have nice stands with their names on them.




Chewbacca – he just looks great. He came all perfectly silky smooth, a little mussing around w/ him and he started looking more normal w/ his fur all fluffed out. I like his face a lot, they did a great job on his mouth. His eyes aren’t beady. His proportions are perfect. I love how massive Chewie is also compared to Han!



Han Solo – he looks amazing, I have one photo that I think is so quintessential Han. Apparently Han had been ready for a while, he smelled like moth balls (bleck!) But at least he wasn’t chewed on. His face is perfect, his clothes are miniature perfect replica of his screen outfit. I just love him.



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Hot Toys and Sideshow Luke, X-Wing Pilot, Obi-Wan Kenobi & R2

Here’s a collection of photos showing how awesome all four of my new figures look displayed together and side by side.





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Sideshow 1/6 Scale R2-D2 Figure


I managed to score R2 on a really awesome Christmas sale and got a 1/3rd off on him. I’m so glad that I got him, he’s a very well built little droid who looks very much like his film self. See full gallery of photos on my Facebook page.

R2-D2 comes w/ a slew of fun accessories. He’s got his drink getup from Jabba’s sail barge, 3 tools, Luke’s lightsaber, and best yet, he’s got Ben’s table w/ a holo-light up Leia figure.


So in true Sideshow fashion, in order to get R2 to light up, you have to “gently” pull his head off. Yeah, sorry, I’m the queen of breaking things, so my R2 will remain in tact. It’s a good thing because after I removed his drink stuff to photograph it – I broke one of the pieces on it. *Superglue to the rescue….


You use a magnet at the end of Luke’s lightsaber to get R2’s little compartments open. He’s got all sorts of places that open. His middle foot is retractable.


The table has a fun way of turning on so you don’t have a button on it.

The drink tray looks great.


R2 is a little on the lightweight side w/ his plastic but he’s painted nicely. he’s got some fade marks in his blue and dirt sprayed around his lower portion of his body.


He’s a very fun version of the droid.

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Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi Figure


Old Ben also showed up today along with Luke. Seeing Hot Toy’s Old Ben face sculpt made me suddenly desperately wish that Disney/Marvel/Fox weren’t fighting and we could get 1/6 scale Magneto figures w/ Ian McKellan’s facemold. (See full collection of photos on my Facebook page.)

Old Ben also has a nice collage poster. I love these, I can’t wait to see Leia’s (she’s coming in March.)

The sculpt for Ben is just beautiful, it’s weathered, and looks so strickingly like Sir Alec Guinness, it’s eerie.


Old Ben comes w/ 3 lightsaber hilts – one no blade, one w/ blade, and one attached to forearm that can light up. he has 3 extra hands, his stand, and costume. Unlike young Luke, Ben travels light.


Ben’s costume is beautiful, the fabric is a lovely cream color. The tunic’s sleeves even have patched up holes in it. His robe is tattered and a little frayed.


On this figure less is definitely more. He wins for being truly a beautiful representation of the character.

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Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Luke Skywalker Star Wars A New Hope


I got Hot Toy’s 1/6 scale Luke Skywalker today and I have to say, he’d need a giant trunk to carry all of his crap around the Galaxy in.  View full collection of photos on my Facebook Page.

This figure comes LOADED with accessories. I got the Sideshow exclusive so he came with an extra Stormtrooper blaster and belt.


He comes with his standard costume, 6 extra hands including an arm that will light up the lightsaber, his macrobinoculars that have 2 viewfinders, his comm link, his training helmet and remote, a full lightsaber, and full Tatooine gear – poncho, hat, goggles, and rifle. And he comes w/ an extra hat head hair piece and of course a stand.


Like my Han and Chewie set, Luke had a nice photo collage poster in his package that showcases his 3 different looks.


The instructions say that to get the poncho on you have to completely remove his head – not true. You can pull off his thick Farrah hair, turn the poncho so it’ll go over his head long ends pointed nose end and it’ll go on and off of his head. You can fit the thinner hat headed hair under the test blaster and under his hat. His fluffy other hair doesn’t fit under the hat.

His poncho has some wire inside the edging so you can fold it and it’ll keep it’s shape some. The goggles didn’t fit very well around the hat, not w/o some sort of help. His rifle is beautiful.


The stormtrooper belt and blaster are really nicely designed. The Blaster is stunningly detailed.

I keep calling Luke’s hair “fluffy” because when I pulled him out for a minute I thought he actually had soft hair. They molded his hair so you can individual strands and his plastic feathers actually stick off independently from the rest of the head.


I’m not sure of the color, he’s got a little blond highlights but I think the hair is too dark, especially in ANH, Luke had much more blond hair.

His face is very nice, I do wish that they had incorporated the moving eyes that were on the Bespin Luke set, he’s kind of looking up constantly which is kind of hard for display purposes.

Figure overall is pretty amazing and he definitely wins for nicest Tatooine Luke.

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Sideshow 1/6 Scale X-Wing Pilot Luke Skywalker


I didn’t realize that I’d forgotten to post these on my blog – extra images are available to view on my Facebook page.

I got Sideshow’s 1/6 scale X-Wing Luke Skywalker pilot figure last month and decided to photograph him along w/ my 2 new Hot Toy’s figures tonight.


Normally I would try to show off all of the accessories in their live environment on the figure, but Luke has a weird-ass helmet that you have to take off in 3 pieces to get it off of his head. I know me, I’ll break it if I try to remove it, so you get to see his hair being studied by Hot Toys Luke instead.


This Luke didn’t come w/ a lot of accessories, he had 3 exta gloved hands, 2 bare hands, a pair of “folded” gloves which were the Sideshow exclusive and Luke’s hair.

No weapons.

Luke’s costume though truly is the scene stealer for this figure, I had him sitting for a while next to Hasbro’s Biggs and Wedge and the helmet, how they made it makes a lot of difference. Sideshow molded it really tightly on the head so it looks like a normal helmet, unlike the Hasbros where the helmets were giant round things sitting on top of the heads.


Luke’s costume has very nice accessories, I even like the tiny mouthpiece on his helmet. From what I can see of it, I like the facemold. Very nice figure and worth the wait.

Comparison photo of Sideshow X-Wing Pilot Luke and Hot Toys ANH Luke



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A Visual Comparison history of 12″ Princess Leia figures/dolls


Kenner 1978 vintage doll, Hasbro’s 1996 Princess Leia, Sideshow’s 1/6th scale Princess Leia figure 2007, Disney D23 Disney store exclusive 2015, and Hot Toys 1/6 Scale figure 2016.

I photographed the complete line of 12″ figures/dolls that have been made to date of Leia wearing her white gown. We have Kenner 1978 vintage doll, Hasbro’s 1996 Princess Leia, Sideshow’s 1/6th scale Princess Leia figure 2007, Disney D23 Disney store exclusive 2015, and Hot Toys 1/6 Scale figure 2016.


Each has it’s charm, out of them all I think that the Sideshow version is the worst. Her face is cartoonish w/ it’s paint is flat and boring and her dress was made w/ the cheapest of nylon fabric. The Hasbro figure looks very dumpy but at least her gown was better quality than the Sideshow version and she had real hair.


Even though the articulation and body style isn’t very feminine or ultra posable, I’ll always love my vintage Leia, I still think that her facemold is pretty and very close to Carrie Fisher.


The 2 newest figures are nice compare/contrasts – the D23 figure is what we would dream for for a playline doll, w/ real rooted hair, nice feminine body, and pretty flowy dress. The Hot Toys is the absolute pinnacle of what a collectible version of her should look like – a miniature ultra life-life representation of the character.



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Hot Toys Star Wars A New Hope 1/6 Scale Figures Collection


Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, Han Solo, Ben Kenobi, Sideshow R2-D2.

And here we have it! The complete collection of the Hot Toys A New Hope figures (plus Sideshow’s R2-D2. I love seeing them all together so you can easily see how Hot Toys really did plan them out together because they’re all sized correctly. What a great batch of beautiful figures. I hope we get figures for the next 2 films also.


Now if only they’ll do a whole set of Prequel figures also, I’d be the happiest person on the planet.

PS I don’t have the SS C-3PO – Anthony Daniels has pissed me off recently w/ his comments about working in the prequels. I do think I might need to use my Sideshow points and snatch up a Darth Vader.

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Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Star Wars A New Hope Princess Leia Figure

img_4148_rLeia is stunning, the gown is something that I’ve been waiting for on one of these figures, it’s a nice synthetic blend w/o looking cheap and nylonish. It hangs beautifully. Hot Toys put an above knees lining inside of it so that her lady parts don’t show through. Her sculpt is amazing, just like the rest of the Hot Toys figures.  (View full photos collection on my Facebook page.)


She comes w/ 5 hands, her pistol and stormtrooper blaster, stand and because I got the Sideshow exclusive she has a large display backdrop from the Blockade runner.


The only thing I have to complain about is she’s the perfect figure for the between the legs stand, instead they put a black waist grabbing clasp – it stands out on her and runs the risk of possibly staining her dress. I probably will swap that part out w/ a white clasp before I put her permanently on display.


My nice collage poster had a big printing error on it so I won’t be able to display it either, which is disappointing.
These small gripes aside, she’s a fantastic figure and by far the most amazing Leia that’s been made to date. She’s worth the money!


Absolutely stunning! Great job Hot Toys!


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