Petition: More STAR WARS Dolls

Being a female fan of Star Wars can be frustrating. For some reason STAR WARS is considered to mostly be a boy’s franchise.

As a collector, females sit on the sidelines hoping and praying that some sort of a pretty bone will be thrown our way.

Now for myself, I enjoy most everything character-wise about STAR WARS, so I can find pleasure in things like Sideshow monster 12″ figures, busts of Jedi, etc. However, I’m also a doll enthusiast. And for all that the Sideshow figures are wonderfully detailed, they’re really not what I’m looking for as collectibles to fill my heart with joy.

I love DOLLS. I also have been a rabid Barbie collector over the years, as well as collected Robert Tonner fashion dolls. In 1999 Robert Tonner was commissioned to create, only once a doll for STAR WARS. It was a premium porcelain 17″ Queen Amidala doll that sold exclusively through the now defunct FAO Schwartz. You could buy either the doll alone wearing The Phantom Menace Celebration gown, or you could get a trunk that had I believe 2-3 other costumes. The trunk was extremely limited edition and is impossible to find now on the secondary market. And the individual celebration dolls are also scarce.

The only affordable STAR WARS figures that we’ve ever had made available to us were the Portrait Series from HASBRO where they produced 5 dolls. Then the line was discontinued. We’ve never had any other high-end dolls produced celebrating the beautiful costumes produced for the STAR WARS heroines.

In a chat session from 2010 with TonnerDirect on Facebook, Robert was asked about STAR WARS.

Can you make more Star Wars dolls? I never got FAO Queen Amidala and a Star Wars collections will sure make fans, dolls and SW fans, very happy. Ingrid Soltero

(Robert) I am a long time fan also. I still remember going to see the first movie in Manhattan by myself when I was a student—I thought it was one on the coolest movies I’d ever seen. It’s on my “dream list” but no plans right now.

Folks, the time is now to get his creative juices flowing and get the license to make more dolls from the STAR WARS saga. With the 6 films being re-released in 3D starting next year, there will be a renaissance with collectors looking for quality dolls. Tonner has created a new “action” style 13″ body for his DC line dolls/figures that would work beautifully for making smaller STAR WARS figures that could be sold exclusively through Sideshow Toys. He could offer exclusives at San Diego Comic Con where his booth is always hopping due to his Harry Potter and other sci-fi/fantasy doll lines. And of course he can offer larger dolls for even more amazing detail.

Tonner truly is the only doll artist out there who would do justice to Padme’s gorgeous costumes and for ONCE we might finally get Leia in her Bespin gown and wearing her Endor Celebration dress.

Want to see Tonner make these dolls? I created a petition asking him to do so. If he knows that the interest is out there, perhaps we can help him to get the franchise rights to produce the dolls again. Click banner to sign or HERE to sign. Save the banner to spread the word!


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