Forces of Destiny Line Lives On

Seven years ago this blog put up a petition demanding that we get more female dolls for Star Wars and last year Hasbro finally gave us the start of our dream. The Forces of Destiny line might not be exactly what any of us were envisioning and it’s had a rather rocky start but the line will continue through this year w/ the release of 2 gift-packs and  three standard dolls.

I enjoy the fact that they look like toys and are far more affordable than the high end collector’s figures (Hot Toys and Sideshow.) They are also great for young girls.

If we want Hasbro to continue with it – we need to pony up and buy the dolls when they come out at full retail to support the line.

The line is a mixture of part action figure/ part doll. I don’t know that this perfectly works or not, time will only tell. Females don’t like the molded plastic, for most females the best doll out of the first batch was the Endor Leia set that came w/ the 2 outfits and Wicket. The rest all have molded clothing elements that don’t quite work.

Hoth Leia and Jyn were some of the lesser liked figures because their molded legs were distracting looking. Because they were designed so that you could squeeze the legs and make the doll twist to shoot a gun, when they weren’t squeezed together the dolls stand in a rather unlady-like position. They look like they just finished a week long trek on the back of  a Taun Taun.

Out of the 2 I found Hoth Leia to be less distracting, at least her full white outfit gave her lines such that you didn’t notice too badly how wide her legs were separated.

The female figures also don’t stand on their own very well so they require stands for displaying.

The dolls did have nice hair, face molds, and accessories. I just feel if they all had fabric pants they would’ve sold and looked better. The Rey dolls had longer tunics that helped to hide the thigh gaps. All of the new dolls  (Rey, Ahsoka, Padme) coming out have that area hidden which should greatly improve how they look.

Sabine in my opinion was one of the best dolls from the first batch – the mixture of plastic molded outfit and cloth worked well w/ her being a bounty hunter. The pants as you can tell, nicely covers the awkward thigh gap.

Some kudos to Hasbro, short hair isn’t easy to control on dolls and they did a great job w/ her bob hairstyle. (Psst you guys could’ve done that w/ both Luke and Kylo.)

Sabine’s helmet perfectly fits on her head. I like with this line that they didn’t shy away from the females having weapons. They’re true to their characters and they didn’t feel the need to Disney-fy them and not allow them to be warriors, scoundrels, and protectors.

Bespin Luke and Yoda and Chewbacca have just been released. Chewbacca came out amazing. I bought him out of obligation to the line and he’s now one of my favorites from the series so far. I love him so much that I want to pick up a couple more of him for my other displays.

I like the Luke/Yoda also.

I really, REALLY want Anakins now to go with the upcoming Padme.

The more dolls who get released, they look fantastic displayed together.

We have six figure/dolls that are coming out this year are starting to hit retail – be on the lookout for Bespin Luke/Yoda and Chewbacca. A New Hope Leia is also showing up in limited quantities.

Padme, Ahsoka, and Kylo/Rey are coming out in the next two months. Be on the look out for them as well. This line can survive but they need to sell before they all end up in the clearance bin.  Look out for sales if you need the dolls to be cheaper, but budget to pick them up at full price. Remember that in reality they’re not much more than the Black Series and the dolls are a bigger and are aimed at GIRLS!  Let’s remind Hasbro that the Force doesn’t only belong to the male fanbase and that we want more of these dolls made to keep the play alive for generations of young girls to come.

Check out my reviews and more photos for the Forces of Destiny dolls from this line on my Star Wars Shrine Facebook feed:

Hoth Leia and R2-D2

Endor Leia and Wicket

Rey – Resistance outfit & BB-8

Rey – Jakku Outfit

Jyn Erso – Rogue One

Sabine – Bounty Hunter

Bespin Luke and Yoda




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