Sideshow 1/6 Scale R2-D2 Figure


I managed to score R2 on a really awesome Christmas sale and got a 1/3rd off on him. I’m so glad that I got him, he’s a very well built little droid who looks very much like his film self. See full gallery of photos on my Facebook page.

R2-D2 comes w/ a slew of fun accessories. He’s got his drink getup from Jabba’s sail barge, 3 tools, Luke’s lightsaber, and best yet, he’s got Ben’s table w/ a holo-light up Leia figure.


So in true Sideshow fashion, in order to get R2 to light up, you have to “gently” pull his head off. Yeah, sorry, I’m the queen of breaking things, so my R2 will remain in tact. It’s a good thing because after I removed his drink stuff to photograph it – I broke one of the pieces on it. *Superglue to the rescue….


You use a magnet at the end of Luke’s lightsaber to get R2’s little compartments open. He’s got all sorts of places that open. His middle foot is retractable.


The table has a fun way of turning on so you don’t have a button on it.

The drink tray looks great.


R2 is a little on the lightweight side w/ his plastic but he’s painted nicely. he’s got some fade marks in his blue and dirt sprayed around his lower portion of his body.


He’s a very fun version of the droid.


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