Hot Toys Han Solo and Chewbacca 1/6 Scale Figures: Star Wars A New Hope


Ok so I took Han and Chewie out of their box tonight! I really wish they’d figure out a better way to swap hands then the little flimsy wrist knob things. Of course I broke one of Han’s 🙄 Thankfully they had another set. One of Chewie’s came completely out when I went to swap his hands, thankfully it didn’t break though. (See full gallery of photos on my Facebook page.)


Overall impressions, they’re both amazing. At some point (probably this weekend) I’ll take some comparison pics w/ my different figures. I don’t have a lot of different Han Solos because most were ugly.


Figures came together in one box. Fun bonus there was a cool piece of photoshop art w/ the 2 figures on top of the box, that will definitely be displayed. I nearly didn’t get the bottom plastic piece off it was so freaking snug.


I got both of the exclusive figures so Chewie had an extra giant blaster thing and Han had a Commlink and a stormtrooper belt as extra accessories. Han came w/ his blaster, 8 full sets of hands, an extra hair piece that fit’s his headset, and his belt. Chewie has his Wookie purse, 1 extra pair of furred hands, and a headset. Both of course have nice stands with their names on them.




Chewbacca – he just looks great. He came all perfectly silky smooth, a little mussing around w/ him and he started looking more normal w/ his fur all fluffed out. I like his face a lot, they did a great job on his mouth. His eyes aren’t beady. His proportions are perfect. I love how massive Chewie is also compared to Han!



Han Solo – he looks amazing, I have one photo that I think is so quintessential Han. Apparently Han had been ready for a while, he smelled like moth balls (bleck!) But at least he wasn’t chewed on. His face is perfect, his clothes are miniature perfect replica of his screen outfit. I just love him.




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