Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi Figure


Old Ben also showed up today along with Luke. Seeing Hot Toy’s Old Ben face sculpt made me suddenly desperately wish that Disney/Marvel/Fox weren’t fighting and we could get 1/6 scale Magneto figures w/ Ian McKellan’s facemold. (See full collection of photos on my Facebook page.)

Old Ben also has a nice collage poster. I love these, I can’t wait to see Leia’s (she’s coming in March.)

The sculpt for Ben is just beautiful, it’s weathered, and looks so strickingly like Sir Alec Guinness, it’s eerie.


Old Ben comes w/ 3 lightsaber hilts – one no blade, one w/ blade, and one attached to forearm that can light up. he has 3 extra hands, his stand, and costume. Unlike young Luke, Ben travels light.


Ben’s costume is beautiful, the fabric is a lovely cream color. The tunic’s sleeves even have patched up holes in it. His robe is tattered and a little frayed.


On this figure less is definitely more. He wins for being truly a beautiful representation of the character.


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