Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Luke Skywalker Star Wars A New Hope


I got Hot Toy’s 1/6 scale Luke Skywalker today and I have to say, he’d need a giant trunk to carry all of his crap around the Galaxy in.  View full collection of photos on my Facebook Page.

This figure comes LOADED with accessories. I got the Sideshow exclusive so he came with an extra Stormtrooper blaster and belt.


He comes with his standard costume, 6 extra hands including an arm that will light up the lightsaber, his macrobinoculars that have 2 viewfinders, his comm link, his training helmet and remote, a full lightsaber, and full Tatooine gear – poncho, hat, goggles, and rifle. And he comes w/ an extra hat head hair piece and of course a stand.


Like my Han and Chewie set, Luke had a nice photo collage poster in his package that showcases his 3 different looks.


The instructions say that to get the poncho on you have to completely remove his head – not true. You can pull off his thick Farrah hair, turn the poncho so it’ll go over his head long ends pointed nose end and it’ll go on and off of his head. You can fit the thinner hat headed hair under the test blaster and under his hat. His fluffy other hair doesn’t fit under the hat.

His poncho has some wire inside the edging so you can fold it and it’ll keep it’s shape some. The goggles didn’t fit very well around the hat, not w/o some sort of help. His rifle is beautiful.


The stormtrooper belt and blaster are really nicely designed. The Blaster is stunningly detailed.

I keep calling Luke’s hair “fluffy” because when I pulled him out for a minute I thought he actually had soft hair. They molded his hair so you can individual strands and his plastic feathers actually stick off independently from the rest of the head.


I’m not sure of the color, he’s got a little blond highlights but I think the hair is too dark, especially in ANH, Luke had much more blond hair.

His face is very nice, I do wish that they had incorporated the moving eyes that were on the Bespin Luke set, he’s kind of looking up constantly which is kind of hard for display purposes.

Figure overall is pretty amazing and he definitely wins for nicest Tatooine Luke.


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