Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Star Wars A New Hope Princess Leia Figure

img_4148_rLeia is stunning, the gown is something that I’ve been waiting for on one of these figures, it’s a nice synthetic blend w/o looking cheap and nylonish. It hangs beautifully. Hot Toys put an above knees lining inside of it so that her lady parts don’t show through. Her sculpt is amazing, just like the rest of the Hot Toys figures.  (View full photos collection on my Facebook page.)


She comes w/ 5 hands, her pistol and stormtrooper blaster, stand and because I got the Sideshow exclusive she has a large display backdrop from the Blockade runner.


The only thing I have to complain about is she’s the perfect figure for the between the legs stand, instead they put a black waist grabbing clasp – it stands out on her and runs the risk of possibly staining her dress. I probably will swap that part out w/ a white clasp before I put her permanently on display.


My nice collage poster had a big printing error on it so I won’t be able to display it either, which is disappointing.
These small gripes aside, she’s a fantastic figure and by far the most amazing Leia that’s been made to date. She’s worth the money!


Absolutely stunning! Great job Hot Toys!



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