Could the D23 Disney Store Exclusive 11.5″ Princess Leia Doll be the first of many to come?


D23 Limited edition Disney Store Princess Leia 11.5″ Doll exclusive.

Last weekend at Disney’s D23 convention they unveiled an exclusive Disney Store exclusive D23 11.5″ Princess Leia doll. There were a total of 450 in the limited run.

I didn’t attend but snatched one up online when since THIS is what I’ve been crowing about for years on this blog – 12″ scale Star Wars dolls aimed at GIRLS!

Fanboy cry, “But she has HAIR and she looks like Barbie!”

My reply, “Yes, EXACTLY, she’s not for YOU, go away!”

Leia finally arrived yesterday and I wanted to share this beauty in all of her glory. The doll comes in a crystal box that has background imagery that’s reminiscent of the Death Star. Since I sell loose Disney Dolls, I know that she’s on one of their fully jointed Jakks Pacific bodies that have jointed wrists, elbows, shoulders, waists, hips, knees, and ankles. The dolls have flat feet that you can adjust to wear in boots or heels. In the case of Leia she’s wearing lovely perfectly fitted white, flat footed boots.


11.5″ A New Hope Leia’s available to date: Hasbro 1996, D23 Disney Store Exclusive 2015, Sideshow 1/6 Scale Leia 2007, Vintage Kenner 12″ Princess Leia 1978.


Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Princess Leia Figure coming in 2016.

The D23 Exclusive Leia is officially the 4th Leia 11.5-12″ scale Star Wars A New Hope traditional costume doll that has ever been produced.

But wait isn’t there talk about another Leia coming from Hot Toys? Yes, she’s debuted at San Diego Comic Con 2015 this year and is available for pre-order now over at Sideshow Toys (of course I have her on pre-order.) So yes, a 5th Leia is on her way. I have tons of pics of her on my Star Wars Shrine Facebook feed.)

A part of me is beyond thrilled about this, I nearly jumped out of my seat and I literally screamed when I first saw the D23 doll. I then got sad after reading around and I realized that she was a show exclusive and not set to be in stores. Hopefully, this is just a test to see how popular the doll might be and hopefully the Mom’s who blasted Disney for not adding more Leia dolls to Disney Stores will get another earful if they don’t product mass market Leia dolls to sell alongside their other Princess dolls.

IMG_1218The price tag on her back was $49.95 which was roughly the same cost of the amazing Portrait Series of Queen Amidala and Leia dolls that came out back in 1999. The Disney doll is GORGEOUS. Not only does she have rooted hair, a custom sculpted face that resembles Carrie Fisher (the head is larger because that’s how all of the Disney Princess dolls are designed,) but she’s got boots, her gown, a belt (that you can barely see in box,) and a blaster.

The Hasbro Leia was the last time we got a playline doll. To Hasbro’s credit they gave her actual hair, but her huge scary butchy body and enormous feet make her very out of proportion. It always makes me sad that they never got around to being able to do a second version of the ANH doll using their the last generation female bodies and custom Carrie face that they used for the last Leia dolls, she would’ve been lovely.

IMG_1228Out of all four of the Leias, the D23 Leia is the only doll w/a fully lined gown. Vintage Leia had a never wrinkle, a bomb could go off by it and it will stay wrinkle, and hole free thick ’70’s polyester gown, Hasbro’s I think might’ve also been poly or a poly blend it does still lay nicely, Sideshow’s is rayon, flimsy, and not lined – considering out of all of the 4 Leia’s she retailed for the most money, that lack of quality is disappointing. Result out of all of them D23’s gown is divine and flowy looking.

Maybe yes the doll’s hands and arms aren’t strong enough to hold the giant blaster, but who cares? That’s not what girls look for in dolls. They want pretty clothes that last and real rooted hair that if it gets mussed up they can style themselves.

The doll overall is gorgeous and easily goes alongside Hasbro’s Portrait dolls for quality. For the price tag, I’d be happy to shell out $50 a doll if they’d make more Star Wars dolls aimed at girls in this quality.

IMG_1237I’m hoping that as “The Force Awakens” approaches that we learn that Disney and the Disney Store will be offering a line of dolls aimed at girls. I would love to be able to take one of these Leia’s out of box to examine her more closely for display. There’s no reason that they can’t offer character dolls from all of the films for girls so that they can play “Star Wars” along w/ their brothers who will be picking up the larger articulated non-fabric/hair figures. I really want a Rey doll just like this Leia.

This Leia was totally unexpected, here’s hoping that Disney has more promising surprises in store for marketing to girls!


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