Toy Fair 2015 – New Star Wars merchandise found

ToyFair is this weekend and we’re getting an eyeful of all of the new SW merchandise that will hit stores until TFA comes out. Photos are all courtesy of Rebelscum.

Here’s a running list of new goodies:


New models – including Luke/Leia, Snowtrooper, and Hoth droids.


Click through Rebelscum’s gallery for the new lightsaber chopsticks and Grilled Cheese sandwich makers :p


has a whole mess of stuff that they’re bringing out this year including a large scale Imperial Shuttle and Tie Fighter. They’ve got some new funky build a figure things that adult collectors seem split on.
Click HERE to peruse all of RS’s gallery.


Jakks Pacific

Jakks is offering a whopping 48″ Darth Vader this year along w/ a nice assortment of 18″ figures including ANH Luke w/ poncho, Greedo, R2, Yoda, Jedi Luke, and Sandtrooper (all of whom I want :p )

Click HERE to peruse


Hot Toys

Masterpiece collection Obi-Wan Kenobi. Guhhhhhh… wallet aches…

Click for all of the details.



I bet you new knew you’d want this…

Click for more info.


PPW Toys

Yodanews is reporting that we’ve got 3 new taters coming – Boba Fett, C-3PO, and Princess Leia. Also that we’ll have SW nesting dolls! Here’s a sneak peek – more to come when they post live pics.



Blade Builders – now you can create your own crazy lightsabers. Here’s an article on the new line that will be launching in Fall.

BTW they have a huge station for this sort of thing at Disneyland.


Apparently the Hasbro panel is going on this morning – they didn’t announce any Black Series figures but everyone assumed that they’ll be out on the floor – so pics will be coming. These were sent to JediNews from Hasbro.UK – so they’re a peek at likely what people will see.

New Mission Series and Legendary Figures

Jedinews has pics of new figures in package. Click HERE to see them all!


Click HEREGalactic Heroes are returning!

New Hasbro pics – courtesy of Galactic Hunter.




6″ Black Series – Leia looks AMAZING.



Han and Luke are galactic boogying….



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