Disneyland 2015 Trip

10952295_656437557800027_5393939884642249217_nLast month my company treated my department to a trip to Disneyland! I was over the moon at the thought of getting my mitts on some cool Disney-Star Wars exclusives. Here is my report from the trip:

Alright so the big Star Wars store ( Star Trader) there didn’t have quite as much exclusive stuff as I was expecting – I was looking for vinylmation guys – little Disney Character toys figures dressed up like SW characters – nope, none 😦

They did have a Donald Duck/Darth Maul mug – several Disney themed t-shirts (my favorite being Darth Vader on the Dumbo ride – I didn’t see that until I was leaving.) Lots of shirts and stuff for kiddos. They had a big “build your own lightsaber” station – kids went nuts over that.

There were 2 really high end girly things that I drooled over but considering I’m buying a new computer this weekend I couldn’t justify getting them. They had a cute vinyl bowling ball style purse that looked like R2-D2 w/ matching wallet and they had some exclusive fabric purses by Dooney and Burke (I didn’t bother even asking the prices on those – I knew those would be expensive.)

10933817_656438011133315_8811805872812407674_nThey did have 2 little stuffed Mickey’s who were X-Wing pilots and Jedis – I picked up the X-Wing Pilot. They had lots of funny hats and the Yoda and Chewie backpacks.They had big vinyl Yodas who just look weird to me because he’s too tall hence why I passed on him. They had cute little stuffed ewoks for the kids, there was a Hasbro vehicle of some sort that was a Disneyland exclusive that I didn’t look too closely at.

I picked up a Vader Helmet (the back side of it) that has mouse ears on top of it. They also had a large stuffed laytex Jabba the Hutt that I picked up (much to the confusion of the people at the desk “wait someone is actually buying Jabba?”) He was only $30 and even though he’s facing the wrong way – he’ll work great for being displayed w/ my 12″ figures and is hella cheaper than trying to find the Sideshow version.

I really wanted that R2 bag. I totally spaced on taking photos in the store.

10947295_656437747800008_3759716631329352541_nThey had all of the Disney 12″ figures – they’re big and look great! They’re definitely on my list of items to pick up, I wasn’t about to get them there and have to haul them around the park all day though. Not necessary since you can get them at the D stores or online.

They could’ve used having some cool posters for Star Tours. There were a few shirts aimed at women but not much else other than the purses – but there was enough stuff that I was satisfied w/ my purchases. I want to go again now when I’m armed w/ more cash :p

The upgrade of Star Tours by the way is AMAZING.

Also photographing my new 12″ Hasbro Luke who although he’s cheap I think his sculpt is great.


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