San Diego Comic Con Hasbro Offerings 2014-2015

Greetings – Hasbro’s panel today showcased their new offerings for 2014-2015. Click HERE to view more figures including 3.75″ Yavin Ceremony Leia to view everything!



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One Response to San Diego Comic Con Hasbro Offerings 2014-2015

  1. winter44 says:

    Who is this supposed to be? Princess Leia? Its a nice figure but looks nothing like her. I don’t get why most Princess Leia toys look nothing like Carrie Fisher. There were some dead on likeness of Natalie Portman. Do the scupters at Hasbro find Princess Leia ugly? Maybe. Is that why this figure is to busty and has a nondescript face? Come on! I just want a few Leia Figures that do the character justice.

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