Brand New CCTV-6 Interview With Hayden Christensen & Anthony Daniels

Big fat hat tip to Barbara at haydenfannews for posting about this new video from China’s CCTV-6 that features a 30-minute interview with Hayden Christensen and Anthony Daniels. Actress Joan Chen conducts the interview in English, so don’t worry if your Mandarin is a little rusty (though Daniels shows some skills there at the end). I don’t know if this was taped in the U.S. or with some expats in China and apparently there are other interviews around with the likes of Matthew Wood and Kathleen Kennedy.

This is brand spankin’ new since the post date is today and there’s some reference to the Lunar New Year. It’s pretty awesome to see Hayden chat about Star Wars and mention a couple of things I’d never heard before, like Robert DeNiro visiting the set of ROTS while they were filming the end of the big lightsaber duel. Anthony Daniels is his…

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