Princess Leia Slave Outfit 6″ The Black Series Figure Review

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For Series 2 of the 6″ Black Series I picked up 3 out of the 4 figures on pre-order. I would’ve gotten all four but didn’t have the money to get a case until they’d been released, by that time, Boba Fett got parted out everywhere and is now going for way more than I’m willing to pay. So unless I spot one at retail, I’m not bothering to get him.

First up for review is Princess Leia in her slave outfit. I really, REALLY hate that this is the first Leia that they chose to produce. She doesn’t go with any of the other figures and will now spend a while displayed by herself since there aren’t any other Jabba’s palace figures to go with her. Although rumors are flying that a 6″ scale Jabba playset is in the works, when that comes out – I will be getting it.

Back to the figure. She comes w/ 2 skiff type weapons and her broken chain at her neck.

The figure has nice detailing on her costume and hair pieces. But the tons of joints all over her body really don’t do much for her appearance. They also made her slightly slumped in the back and her neck is pitching forward so she looks humpbacked.

The bonus is that the first series has some balance issues, they seemed to have cleared that up with series 2, she stands well on her own.

A lot of people complain about her face sculpt, I actually think that’s the best part of the figure. Carrie’s face was very gaunt in ROTJ, they did a nice job of giving her a longer face shape. Her braid and head overall look very nice. I just wish the body looked nicer.

She is sized accordingly so that she’s shorter than the boys.

Overall she’s alright. If I had to give her a score I’d say she’s about a 3.5 out of 5. If she wasn’t hunchbacked looking that mark could’ve been higher.


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2 Responses to Princess Leia Slave Outfit 6″ The Black Series Figure Review

  1. barbecue17 says:

    She definitely is an odd release for the series. I know it’s definitely an iconic look for the character, but this early in the line I think something that worked with some of the other figures would definitely been a better idea.

    • erikab1123 says:

      I really just wish they would’ve released the white dress Leia first. I’m sure the reasoning behind it was “Slave Leia is sexy, she’ll sell better” – uh yeah, ok, so why not wait until the line has been out for a while and spark interest down the road?

      I like the figure and I’m happy Leia got produced so early in the line. It’ll be interesting to see which one gets made next.

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