Han Solo The Black Series 6″ Figure Review

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The next figure for review is Han Solo. Out of the three figures I got, he has the most accessories. Han comes with 2 sets of hands – one pair has his yellow gloves that he briefly wears in “A New Hope.” He also comes with his blaster and a stormtrooper blaster. He has 2 belts. He has his standard hip holster and the stormtrooper belt.

Unlike Leia who’s neck is pitching forward, Han’s neck is nice and straight. His clothes are nicely painted so you don’t notice his joints. He stands well on his own.

Han’s face sculpt is nice. His expression is rather neutral but the artists did a nice job of making him a bit grizzled with deep ridges in his face.

Overall Han is a winner. He looks great, I don’t have any complaints about him 5/5.


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