Greedo The Black Series 6″ Figure Review

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My final figure up for review is the 6″ Greedo figure from the Black Series line. When I’d seen the prototype images for this figure I was excited. I have to say that the production figure didn’t disappoint. It’s a good thing I’m a deboxer – this came directly from Hasbro and Greedo’s box arrived crunched on one side.

Note: Don’t let my pics mislead you, Greedo is green, my room’s lighting and blue walls just makes his skin look more muddy blue/green, it’s actually more screen accurate green.

For all that his head isn’t very big, Greedo’s head is nicely sculpted and covered in bumps and ridges. His costume has lots of ridges and they gave him a slight brown wash over his clothes so they wouldn’t be too bright minty green. Greedo comes with his holster belt and his gun.

His vest looks like if you pried hard enough you might be able to get it off, but it’s really snug so I wouldn’t recommend it.

Greedo’s a great looking figure 5/5.


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2 Responses to Greedo The Black Series 6″ Figure Review

  1. barbecue17 says:

    I think purely in terms of sculpt and accuracy, Greedo is easily the best figure released so far. Your pictures nicely bring out his crazy eyes!

    • erikab1123 says:

      I think the Greedo looks great. Then again I always love green aliens so I’m always going to be partial to him :p

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