Kmart Exclusive Ewok Assault Catapult The Vintage Collection Gift Set Review

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Since I’m not shopping Black Friday I went to Kmart looking for this set. Pre-BF sale they were fully stocked so I picked up a set.

I’ve never picked any of the Hasbro playsets in the Vintage boxes and I can say this – I see the appeal. I was never overly crazy about the figures in the vintage style packaging, but I like the playsets, it gives me a warm fuzzy kiddy feeling.

As for the actual set, the catapult comes w/ 2 “rocks” that are squishy that you can stick on the catapult stick. The “wood” is nicely painted so it’s got some visual depth on the pieces.

The ewoks Stemzee (the blond one) and Chubbray (the brown one) are adorable. They both come w/ spears and hoods. Like all modern ewoks their waist swivels, they are articulated at the feet, hands. Stemzee is articulated at the elbows also.

I love it when we get ewoks that are not the standard usuals, it’s nice having some fresh faces to go into your Ewok army!


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