Gentle Giant Mace Windu “Attack of the Clones” 2013 Mini-Bust Review

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What: Gentle Giant Mace Windu “Attack of the Clones” Premium Guild Member Mini-Bust
Number: 273/800
Year: 2013

This week I received my long awaited “Attack of the Clones” Mace Windu Premium Guild mini-bust! Since I love the prequels, I opted for the Mace over the other offerings. I was also excited because I’ve never managed to get my mitts on the original armless mini-bust of Mace Windu so I had a character hole for him in my display.

First: Gentle Giant included a nice little surprise. They included a 12″ scale replica of Han Solo’s Kenner blaster on a keychain along w/ a thank you note for being a PG member.

The bust itself is a marked change from the original. The original Mace bust has his screaming his head off, Mace is Mr. Calm, Cool, and Badass in the newest bust. He’s wearing his Jedi robe and has his lightsaber poised and is ready to attack.

The bust is HEAVY. The robe drapes down over the back of the bust stand which always adds more weight (and overall size) to the busts. The bust is Gentle Giant gold. The face mold looks like Samuel L. Jackson and as usual you have all of the awesome wrinkles and creases in the clothing.

I think my only complaint is the color of the lightsaber. It came out as a rather anemic looking lilac instead of vibrant purple. Other than that, I’m happy to finally have a Mace bust to add to my AOTC shelf/display. This bust is a winner.


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