Review: X-Wing Pilot Luke Skywalker Black Series 6″ Figure

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My final review is of the Luke Skywalker 6″ Black series figure wearing his X-Wing Pilot costume. This is the only human figure in the first set.

The head sculpt on this figure looks remarkably like Mark Hamill. The artists got Luke’s perfect ’70’s shag hair, Mark’s chin, and perfect cheekbones.

The figure comes with his full costume, a blaster, lightsaber, and helmet. The lightsaber you can remove the blade and hang the hilt off of his belt. His right hand’s finger is trigger ready for holding the blaster.

When you put the helmet on, the facial features look just like Luke from the movie when he’s going down the Death Star trenches. The costume details are also amazing from the folds in the fabric, to the suspenders (or whatever they are) that sway around his legs, and all of his extra ammo that he’s got on his arm and leg. The costume looks amazing.

Luke stands a little better on his own than Maul & the Sandtrooper, his feet aren’t quite as wobbly. He looks great displayed with R2. Out of the 3 taller figures, Luke appears to be shorter, which considering Luke isn’t the tallest human in the series, that would be screen accurate.

Overall he looks amazing and next to R2 is my favorite figure in this series. Wonderful job Hasbro! Bring on the next wave!


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