Review: Hasbro Black Series 6″ Sandtrooper Wave 1 Figure

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Up next is the Sandtrooper 6″ figure in the Black Series. The sandtrooper comes w/t 3 weapons, one is a big rifle that hangs over his shoulder, the other is long and he holds, and finally a blaster. He also comes with his shoulder patch already assembled and he has his pack.

My particular sandtrooper, no amount of pushing/shoving/manipulating could get the soft rubbery post that’s on the back of the pack to push into the Sandtrooper’s pack. So currently my Sandtrooper’s pack is held on him using a big clear rubber band and I’m taking advantage that it had a shoulder hook at the top of it that’s keeping the pack close to his body.

The figure itself is impressive. I totally forgot to stand all 4 figures together out of package for a size side by side comparison, but I think the Sandtrooper is the tallest of the group which indicates that the 6″ scale is relative and they’ll be sized upwards and downwards according to screen accuracy.

The figure has dirt weathering on it so he looks good and grungy out of the box. I didn’t manipulate him much because his heavy pack makes keeping him balanced and upright a bit of a challenge – again, Hasbro, stands would be nice!

Overall he looks great and I think he looks awesome with my other sandtroopers, I just wish his pack went in properly.


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