Review: Hasbro Black Label 6″ Darth Maul Wave 1 Figure

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Darth Maul is the only prequel figure to be released in this first batch of 6″ figures. In fact he will be the sole representative until wave 3 rolls around and either Obi-Wan or Anakin will be released since the next wave is only Original Trilogy characters.

Darth Maul comes packaged with 2 heads, his lightsaber, and his Tatooine scanning device. The figure comes wearing his robe. The robe in permanently attached to his head which is (presumably) hornless underneath. The robe is made of a mushy, pliable rubber that you have to push his arms through, hoping to the Force that you don’t break one while trying to get it off. Once removed, it’s easy to pop the head off. You’re left with a strange looking robe w/ Maul’s head gazing at you wondering where his body went.

Under the robe his costume is screen accurate, it’s got nice detailing for the clothes so they look like fabric. His skirt in fact even has wisps of fabric at his sides under more soft rubber panels.

His lightsaber comes in 2 pieces, put them together and you have his full double edges sword. Take them apart and one side has a peg in it that you can stick in his belt and have it hanging off of his belt.

The main problem with this figure is his feet. They’ve made them so they’re jointed at the ankle so you can have him flex/standing in cool poses, BUT the feet aren’t fully stable, so getting him to stand correctly on his own is a challenge. The figure comes w/ holes in his feet, I do wish that they’d included stands w/ these figures so they could be displayed standing upright w/o worrying about them toppling over.

Maul looks great – his bare head has nice detailing that includes the yellowing on his horns. Overall he’s a very good looking character.


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