Review: Hasbro Black Series 6″ R2-D2 Action Figure

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Today marked the arrival of the first wave, series 1 of the Black Series 6″ figures by Hasbro!

First up is R2-D2! R2 is definitely a droid/toy that is NOT meant for little kids. He’s full of various tiny parts that can easily be lost and swallowed.

On his dome are 3 blue sections that you can flick open. Remove the blue pieces and you can place either Luke’s lightsaber, his scope, or sensor unit. He also comes with 2 sets of gears that you place inside his legs – one set is resting, the other is extended to show off his rocket lifters.

Upon close investigation of his front there are 2 side compartments that open up as well. Hidden in each is a tool!

As if all of his removable/changeable parts aren’t cool enough, if you twist his dome, R2’s third leg drops down.

Looks-wise the figure is extremely well detailed, he’s even got some “dirt” on his feet from cruising around on dusty Tatooine.

R2-D2 is just fantastic, I highly recommend him!


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