Sideshow Hoth Luke Skywalker and Han Solo 1/6 Figures Sneak

Dress as warm as you can, we’re leaving for Hoth soon!

Preview our upcoming Hoth sixth scale figures, including Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and their Tauntauns! —>


I really can’t wait for these. The TaunTaun is going to come w/ 2 head so you can pick it being either Han’s or Luke’s. I’ll have to pass on them (too expensive, heavy, and not enough room to display them) but the figures look impressive. From the pics I saw at Comic Con, I’m pretty certain these will be from Hot Toys since Sideshow doesn’t have the greatest track record making Luke & Han face molds. I could be wrong though. The Padawan Kenobi is amazingly screen accurate so maybe they’ve hired new 12″ scale sculptors. Whichever way of it I’m looking forward to seeing these in more detail!


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