Princess Leia Yavin Ceremonial Gown Custom 16″ Robert Tonner Doll

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Continuing my quest for more gorgeous Princess Leia dolls, this week my next beautiful custom from Stardust dolls arrived – a Robert Tonner 16″ Yavin Medal Ceremony dress!

The doll used is a Robert Tonner Betty Ann from the now retired Brenda Starr line who I had long ago rerooted with super long hair. I haven’t done anything with her factory paint, perhaps someday I’ll have her further customized. I selected Betty Ann for a couple of reasons. First off – when she was young, Carrie looked a lot like her mother, silver screen legend Debbie Reynolds. Betty Ann is from a ’40’s collection of dolls. When I saw her I liked her roundish face and high cheekbones look very much like Reynolds and Fisher. I know there are others who use and customize the Miss Coulter doll, but for her earlier films, I wanted a doll who’s face was fuller and softer looking since that more accurately matches Carrie’s fresh young face from “A New Hope.”

I’d always wanted this doll to wear this outfit. I know, jewelry & shoes aren’t screen accurate, but they’re Ok for now. The dress and hand designed belt look lovely on her.

Now my Diamond Select 1/4 scale Han Solo isn’t by himself! What do you think of this pairing?


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