Star Wars Shrine Flashback – Mid-90’s Style

I’ve recently been taking on a project where I’m gathering all of my family photos and will eventually work on placing them in new albums, scanning old slides and negatives, take some collections and put them into books that can be published online to share w/ family, etc. I unearthed a giant box of my own photos from the past decade or so when I lived back East, plus college photos. In that box, I unearthed negatives for my old collection photos that I figured that I’d share, because, well all you need to do is look at my shrine now to see how far I’ve come. Fun thing w/ these photos is seeing how I put EVERYTHING that I had Star Wars related out on display…although it doesn’t look like all of my 3 3/4″ figures are out, just a few select ones. Some items I’d never have on display now. Enjoy!


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Hello, I've always loved everything relating to photography. I got my first real 35MM camera when I was in Jr High and have never looked back. I love all things relating to photography - photography and playing with Photoshop!
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