Japanese Star Wars Pepsi Big Sound Caps – R2-D2 & C-3PO Giftset Review

From 2005 – Manufacturer Gentle Giant

I scored this set for a bargain online and picked it up. Out of the eight different Big Sound Cap sets, this one was always the least sexy or exciting.

If you’ve ever wondered what an R2-D2 mini-bust would look this is it…it’s not overly exciting. However, as usual the bust is nicely detailed. These size in around 5 1/2 inches so they’re smaller than their big brother busts from Gentle Giant.

I do like that 3PO is a bit more animated with his arms and how they’re positioned than the rather blah mini-busts. He is also shiny and gold even though he’s plastic.

Both of my busts need new batteries so I don’t know what they say. Overall they’re still nice busts that perfectly look like their characters. The molds didn’t skimp on design-work on either of them.

I’m down to only needing 3 more sets now, that’s the best part of getting this set!


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