Custom 12″ Bespin Princess Leia Cloud City Outfit Doll

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This week my gorgeous hand made Bespin Leia costume showed up from Stardust dolls! I’ve been desperately wanting a 12″ Bespin Leia ever since I learned that Kenner killed the doll line for The Empire Strikes Back and had planned a doll wearing this outfit. See photo HERE of unproduced prototype.

My Leia doll was a former Portrait Edition Yavin Celebration doll that had her ponytail chopped off. I rerooted her and planned on having her for this outfit. I found out tonight the hair I had used is a bit tough to work with, so her hair styling leaves a lot to be desired – please don’t judge me :p  Sometime down the road I’ll work on replacing the doll with another, but until then enjoy the photos above!


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