Anakin and Padme Custom Commission Art by JK Woodard

Last fall when Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, I saw a retweet from Comic artist Cat Staggs that a fellow comic artist friend of hers JK Woodard had lost his home in the floods and was taking commissions/donations to help him move and get a new apartment.

I donated enough that I was able to get a black and white hand drawn 8×10 piece w/ 2 figures of my choice. I selected Anakin and Padme since his site showed that he had done some STAR WARS stuff in the past. All I asked was no Padme choking, make something nice. Above is the piece that finally arrived! I can’t think of anything nicer or lovelier than a wedding piece from Attack of the Clones! Eventually that will get framed and put on my wall. I just love the piece!


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