How will your collecting habits change w/ the new films?

SW_Darth_Vader_31_InchSo I’ve been giving a lot of thought to this conundrum – what am I going to do when the new films hit the theaters when it comes to my collecting habits?

I certainly know that spending will depend on what the films are like. If eps IIV-IX are good and have great characters, I’ll probably selectively purchase stuff, especially if there’s a great female protagonist in the film and we get more Han, Leia, Luke stuff (I’d love elder statesman figures!)

For the individual films, it depends on who they’ll focus on. If we get Yoda films – I’ll happily buy more Yoda stuff. Other characters I might not be overly interested in – it will really depend on who they’re centered on whether I’ll buy anything. Jabba the Hutt? MEHHH I don’t need more items w/ him on them in my collection (other than I do want the 1/6 scale Sideshow version of him.)

Until then, I’m about to move and am deciding what to do w/ my collection as it currently stands. My new office is going to be a bit larger than what I’ve currently got – I’ll be able to add a few more bookcases – and I plan to get glass doors for as many of my Billy bookcases that I can to protect my collection from my new puppy.

IMG_5803I think I’m going to be getting rid of all of my duplicate items – including lots of extra in package duplicate figures that were early Hasbro items. I’ve also picked up a lot of stuff at thrift stores over the years that don’t necessarily mean a lot to me – those will probably go too. I have a fair number of ships that I don’t overly need that I’ll probably part with.

It’s possible that w/ Disney being in charge, we won’t have the massive fast food items anymore (they go through Subway only now.) This sorta sucks because I love my cute Burger King/McDonalds toys – but I know my waistline would approve of those chains not getting kids meals goodies.

I’m thinking if the 6″ line takes off – I’ll concentrate on those, GG mini-busts, and 1/6 figures and just have to mostly forgo much else – I just don’t have the display room. I love the 3 3/4″ figures – but those things – god they’re space hogs.

What are your thoughts? Are you thinking that you’ll be buying stuff from the new films? How do you think they’ll affect your spending/collecting habits? Are you planning on doing anything to your current collection in anticipation of the new films coming out?


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4 Responses to How will your collecting habits change w/ the new films?

  1. mffanrodders says:

    I’m a focus collector, so it’s easy for me to say that my collecting habits won’t change much. I am very interested in where Disney takes the Star Wars licence now that it owns the franchise. What new licences and product ideas do they have. For a collector, it’s an exciting time.

    Better start saving. 🙂

    • erikab1123 says:

      Haha – you’re lucky. It must be great to really love collecting one specific thing. At least we know that regardless of what they do w/ the new films, the Falcon is so iconic, they’ll always have new items of it coming out 🙂

  2. lazypadawan says:

    I’m also moving soon and recently put 99% of my collection into storage. Nothing inspires that feeling of “Why did I buy all of this stuff” like packing your collection into one of those Pod-type things. I don’t think I will ever collect the same way again. It’ll just be too much to keep up.

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