Darth Maul Cookie Jar Bust by Applause Review

This weekend I received a Darth Maul Applause cookie jar that I scored for a steal on ebay. The bust is pretty awesome! It’s about 7″ across at the bottom and 9″ tall. He was released in 1999 within the onslaught of “The Phantom Menace” merchandising.

He’s made of heavy rubber/plastic and is painted with Maul’s menacing red markings and vibrant yellow eyes.

The bust has lots of nice detail including discoloring around his horns and ugly markings around his teeth. The hole in the top of the jar isn’t very wide, so if you have big hands I wouldn’t advise putting anything inside of him that might be hard to get out. Cookies? I don’t know about putting them in it, but he’d be ok for storing sealed candy.

I like his snarl and for $3.99 loose, it’s a much more affordable way of getting a cool larger bust of Darth Maul than forking over hundreds of $$ for a Sideshow lifesize bust! I can’t wait to get all of my Maul stuff together – he’ll be awesome as a centerpiece in the display!


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