Yoda Plush Easter Basket Now at Target

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Last year I was really annoyed that I missed out on finding the plush Yoda head Easter Basket. I kept scouring my stores but they’d sold out or my timing was just wrong. I refused to pay mark-up prices on ebay, so I sulked over missing a fun collectible.

Lo and behold – he’s baaaccck! This go around I found him at Target this week while they’re putting out their new Easter goodies. He’s $10 there.

He’s about 15″ across from ear tips and the basket is about 7″ in diameter. The basket portion is 6″ tall. He might be a slightly different design because his tag is marked as 2013 by PTI Group. The basket portion that the plush face is built around doesn’t seem overly sturdy. I think it’s just light-weight cardboard that the plush is designed around, so don’t expect to put heavy items in it or it might rip and break through on the bottom.

I poked around on their website and it looks like there are other baskets to be on the look-out for – looks like they’ve also got Clones and Darth Vader related items – see pic above.

I don’t have a lot of plush items in my collection – a couple of vintage ewoks, somewhere I’ve got a vintage squeaky R2-D2, but critters take up a lot of room and are hard to display. I like this basket because you get the cuteness of a plush toy with something that’s practical. Anywhoo – these are hot seasonal items – MTFBWY in hunting this Easter basket down for yourself!


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  1. lazypadawan says:

    I got the Yoda last year. Nice piece.

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