Star Wars Shrine Photo Update: The Empire Strikes Back – Cloud City Shelf

Here’s an updated view of my Cloud City The Empire Strikes Back shelf. Item highlights: Gentle Giant Han Solo Bespin Mini-bust, Princess Leia Mynock hunt Gentle Giant Mini-bust, Chewbacca Pepsi Large Sound bottle cap, Kenner 12″ vintage Boba Fett, Kenner 12″ vintage C-3PO, Kenner 12″ Vintage Han Solo (wearing Hasbro Bespin Han outfit) and 12″ Princess Leia Hoth & 12″ Lando Calrissian Hasbro figures.

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Hello, I've always loved everything relating to photography. I got my first real 35MM camera when I was in Jr High and have never looked back. I love all things relating to photography - photography and playing with Photoshop!
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