Gentle Giant 2011 Bespin Han Solo PGM Mini-Bust Review

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  • Company: Gentle Giant Han Solo (Bespin) Mini-Bust
  • Year: 2011 – just released 2013
  • Production Number: 400/420

Sometimes you have to wonder to yourself if it’s taking a company 2 years to release an exclusive item, what is the hold-up? I had ordered this bust, I think in 2011 and was surprised to finally see it show up. When it arrived the box smelled slightly musty like it had been sitting in a California warehouse for a while.

I’m not sure why it is but a lot of companies seem to have problems capturing Harrison Ford’s likeness. I wasn’t worried about this bust because I have their bust of him from “A New Hope” and had once owned the Stormtrooper disguise version of him – both were awesome. This bust…

Sculpt: Depending on how you turn the bust around there are places where the likeness is good. They got his signature hair and the outfit looks great. Han’s jawline is sculpted nicely so he’s got a very Han Solo expression on his lower face.

SteelMagnolias Lifetime8

If you don’t look at the bust from the side but from head on, he’s not so bad. Turn him around to the side and his nose is wayyy too big. It’s so big in fact that if he was wearing a suit coat, I swear I could easily mistake the sculpt for a David Duchovny / Fox Mulder sculpt. Others have complained that they think that his blaster is too small also. Yeah I don’t know, it looks OK, it’s not as distracting as his huge honking nose.

SteelMagnolias Lifetime17

Paint: A bad sculpt can often be overlooked with a good paint job, and unfortunately this bust lost on both counts. His facial coloring is pale and uneven. The coloring makes him look sickly almost like they were practicing Walker skintone for their new Walking Dead line of busts. It also appears they realized that they forgot Harrison’s signature chin scar and thought painting a dark blob on his chin would make up for it. Instead of a scar, he now looks like he’s got either a giant wart on his chin or a huge pimple.

Finally on his face – he’s got blue eyes. Harrison Ford has GREEN eyes. This is disturbing because both my A New Hope Han Solo mini-bust and my Temple of Doom GG Indy busts both have dark eyes. His piercing blue eyes look every bit as bad as the freaky eyes Sideshow painted on the 1/6 scale Padme Illum figure.

Random Fun Fact: The only other collectible that I have with Harrison’s face mold that has blue eyes is my Kenner Raiders of the Lost Ark 12″ Indiana Jones figure. The figure is exactly the same as the Han Solo that was released 2 years earlier, but they made Indy’s eyes blue. The skin tone is also slightly different. So if you find one of those loose and he’s got bright blue eyes, you don’t have Han, you have Indy!

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Finally, I don’t know what they did to the Han mini-bust but it looks like they blobbed paint on his hands around his blaster which resulted in the hands looking like hell.

SteelMagnolias Lifetime15

I don’t own any Sideshow 1/6 Han Solo figures because their sculpts of him were so bad. For some reason when they did Indy those sculpts weren’t so bad, but the Hans were barely passable – it’s why I’m desperately waiting to see the production photos of the 1/6 scale figures for their Han Solo figure. I really didn’t expect this with my Gentle Giant bust. This bust overall is pretty disappointing, but it displays OK and at least he fills out the trio of busts from ESB (I still need the Chewie – the Chewie there is my Pepsi bottle cap.) The store exclusive will have the gas mask on – I recommend picking it up, it’ll help to hide the flaws on this bust’s face.                  SteelMagnolias Lifetime25


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