Gentle Giant Anakin Skywalker & Sebulba Mini-Busts Review

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Manufacturer: Gentle Giant
Year: 2013
Production Number: 103/1000

Today my Anakin Skywalker/Sebulba 2 pack of mini-busts arrived. These 2 busts end the wonderful collection of busts created by Gentle Giant for The Phantom Menace. Because both characters are small in size, putting them together in a 2-pack was a smart idea.

Anakin: Anakin holds his Podracer helmet and wears his tan slave Tatooine outfit. He’s got the shaggy dark hair of Jake Lloyd, however I don’t think the face sculpt terribly looks like Lloyd. It’s not bad, there’s no way you would mistake him for anyone else, but I think the sculpt could’ve been a little more detailed to resemble him. Otherwise the helmet is beautifully made and there’s lots of nice extra detailing, including extra pouches on his belt.

Sebulba: Sebulba is really the star of of this 2 pack. First as a word of warning, my bust was really tightly crammed into his packaging. This is great for making sure that he’s not going anywhere but it made it rather nerve wracking for getting him out. The bust has 2 legs showing with wonderful detailing on his toes. The back of his costume has gorgeous detaining and his purple skin is nicely mottled. The highlight has to be his eyes which are hidden in his goggles that have glass. He’s got that wonderful sneaky look to him.

Overall – this set is great, it’s a great pair and it’s wonderful finally seeing little Ani get a new higher level collectible made of him!


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