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Sadly I didn’t attend Toy Fair in NYC – then again I’m happily in Arizona where it’s a “chilly” 54 degrees and certainly NOT snowing, so I’m not complaining. Images presented below are courtesy Hasbro Co. and Yakfaceforums.com.

Fans across the web are already complaining, LOUDLY about the lines that were presented today. Last month Hasbro announced that their Christmas sales were overall lower than expected and they had to lay off some of their workforce. I can tell you already THIS is a big factor into the rebranding and rethinking the toy lines.

Change 1: Hasbro has created 2 distinct 3 3/4″ scale toy lines:

Saga Legends:  This line is directed to KIDS. The figures are just like the brand new 12″ figures in that they only have 5 points of articulation. Because they don’t have all of the fancy articulation, they’re going to be price pointed to reflect this and they will retail for $5.99 each. Figures: Mace Windu, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, R4-D4, Yoda and Super Battle Droid

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Apparently adult collectors already hate these. Let me say this loud and clear, THIS LINE IS NOT MEANT FOR YOU – THEY ARE FOR KIDS! This is actually a brilliant move on Hasbro’s part. For years here they’ve been catering exclusively to the adult market for their smaller playline figures, by reducing the price and making a set that are “beat-up friendly” these can be like the figures we grew up with where you could run a car over them and they won’t come apart. Then as the kids get bigger they’ll want the nicer figures and Hasbro wins on all fronts.

They’ve got a few pack sets coming called Mission Series 2-packs – these are Saga figures and will likely be inexpensive in comparison to the fully articulated lines.

image host image host image host

Also in the line are a set smaller ships – these are designed for the kids. As I was explaining them to my sister she said “well those are the ones people should stock up on, they’ll be the ones down the road that kids will want because they destroyed theirs growing up.”

Right – because you know plenty will end up like the Y-Wing 6 seconds into this commercial:

New playline ships:

image host image host image host image host image host

Onto the Adult Collector’s line – this is now the “Black Label Series” – the BL’s come in 2 sizes, 6″ and 3 3/4″ – these smaller figures are replacing the Vintage line and have spiffy black packages.

First up 6″ line – they had prototypes of the first four figures: X-Wing Luke Skywalker, Darth Maul, R2-D2, and Sandtrooper. They also revealed that a Boba Fett/Han in Carbonite combo would be this years San Diego Comic Con Exclusive *Called it!

image host image host image host image host image host image host

Here are the 3 3/4″ figures: The Black Series Wave 1 features Clone Sergeant, AOTC Anakin, Clone Pilot, Bespin Vader, Luke ANH Ceremony
The Black Series Wave 2 features Mara Jade (Winner of Fan’s Choice), Padme (Arena Battle), Stormtrooper, R2-D2, Pablo Jill, Luminara Unduli and 41st Clone Trooper

image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host

There are a slew of store exclusive sets coming:

Target: Darth Vader Origins… includes 4 figures and operating table

image host image host

Kmart Exclusive Ewok Catapult and Imperial Scanning Crew 2-packs

image host image host image host

Amazon.com exclusive: TVC ESB Slave I (no figures) but does come with Han Carbonite
Amazon Exclusive Tie Inceptor and Slave I
TRU Exclusive Battle of Geonosis (Vintage Republic Gunship) with Yoda, Clone Trooper Pilot, Clone Trooper with Turrets that swing out.
TRU Exclusives: Vintage Republic Gunship with turrets
TRU Vintage X-Wing with Biggs

Methinks that X-Wing/Biggs set will need to be mine…along w/ the ewoks!

12″ Line – Wave 1 includes Anakin & Clone Trooper, Wave 2 Obi-Wan and Darth Vader. Price point: $12.99-$14.99.

The pic here of Vader looks funky, I saw pics of the figure at the show and he doesn’t look all hunched in person – don’t know what’s going on w/ that photo of him.

image host image host image host image host image host

Hasbro introduces a breakthrough action figure innovation to celebrate the DARTH VADER character with the STAR WARS ANAKIN TO DARTH VADER figure. Standing at 13-inches tall, this figure changes from ANAKIN SKYWALKER to DARTH VADER by attaching the helmet and armor, and includes iconic phrases, sound effects, and a LIGHTSABER that changes from blue to red. (Ages: 4 & up/Approx. Retail Price: $24.99; Available: Fall 2013).

image host image host

Finally they also have a giant assortment of Angry Birds/Star Wars stuff – I don’t play/care about it, so you can go look around for pics on it.

Jedi Force – they’ve got a couple of sets of the small guys coming and 3 brand new 5″ versions – sets you get a Death Star set or a Jabba’s Palace set. 5″ figures are Obi-Wan Kenobi, Captain Rex, or Darth Vader:

image host image host image host image host image host

Got more questions? JediNews has a very clean line-up of everything that was announced today – you can check it out HERE. Also Rebelscum posted a great article where they talked to the folks at Hasbro for future plans down the road – you can read it HERE!


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