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Welcome back to the shrine Unleashed Han and Chewbacca! It’s been a year and a half since I posted THIS TUTORIAL on how to remove the stench of cigarette smoke out of your collectibles. I bought these 2 unleashed figures from an ebay dealer who stated in her listings that things could smell smokey because she bought them from yard & estate sales, but when I got these, man they REEKED. I didn’t have much of a choice but to just keep them as-is and instead decided to try to destink them using the method described in the earlier post.

Today I was digging in my garage and finally saw the box that movers had thrown on top of a giant pile of boxes in my garage. Getting them down I’m happy to report they now just smell like fabric softener sheets. It took one year and 7 months of these 2 figures being covered in fabric softener sheets and baking in my hot garage for the offending smells to vanish. They probably didn’t need that long – that was just how long they were in hiding.

I love this Unleashed line – for a brief shining time Hasbro created these mega-cool action packed statues for a fraction of higher-end collectibles. I’ve got a bunch of these – can’t tell you exactly what all I have because they’re mostly all in storage. I do know I didn’t have these two and I’m happy finally add them to my shrine 🙂


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