Shrine Shelves updated!

I’ve updated a few of my shelves – other than a few pre-orders that will be coming in I won’t be buying a lot for a while; after months of waiting I’ve finally gotten a house! Sooo the long process of getting it closed, fixing the few things that need updating, painting, moving will be time consuming. Once I’m done though – my shrine will have a whole new, bigger room that will be fully dedicated to it’s utter awesomeness!

Shelves updated: I cleaned up my Indiana Jones shelf – it was kind of messy, My Expanded Universe shelf w/ my new Jaina now there, Luke Skywalker shelf got invaded with some of his other X-Wing buddies – Biggs and Wedge are in there now, I’ll figure out something for permanent type of display when I move. I updated my Jabba’s Palace shelf with my new Leia bust, added my Zam Wessell bust to my AOTC shelf (I didn’t review her, she came to me damaged and I need to fix her first,) and finally my Leia shelf and a couple more small Tatooine shelves. Enjoy!

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