Princess Leia Organa – Jabba’s Slave Gentle Giant Mini-Bust Review

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  • Company: Gentle Giant
  • Who: Princess Leia Organa as Jabba’s Slave
  • What: Mini-Bust
  • Year: 2010
  • Number: 625/4200

Today I received a general sale Princess Leia Organa mini-bust from Return of the Jedi. She’s dressed in her prisoner garb.  The bust is designed as ‘battle ready.’ She’s posed in the “I’m ready to fight my way out of here” stance. Nice detailing on the bust include beautiful tight detailing in her braided hair with nice details on the head pieces. The bikini top actually looks like it was molded on separately to give it more realistic “I’m wearing this uncomfortable thing” look. I think my favorite part of the bust are her fingers on her left hand. They are lightly holding the top of the Skiff guard weapon almost as if she’s tapping her fingers lightly saying “I just took out your boss – what makes you think I won’t make a slime spot out of you too?”

Leia’s face does resemble Carrie and the bust has some added fun features like metal hanging earrings and chain. I’m not always a fan of “slave Leia” stuff mostly because they’re sculpted for male fans to slobber over, but this piece is nice and dignified and is a fine addition to the shrine.


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