Jaina Solo Bishoujo 1/7 Scale Model by Kotobukiya – Review

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  • Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
  • Size: 1/7 scale – approx 9″
  • Type: Pre-painted model
  • Year: 2013

Today my long awaited Jaina Solo Bishoujo model arrived! This is the very first item in my collection that I purchased that has an anime look to it. Many of the other statues in this line at Koto are standing in suggestive and frankly degrading poses, so when I saw how they sculpted Jaina I was very happy.

Assembly: People have told me that they’ve had problems getting their models pieces to fit properly so I was a bit worried. Although I do have the first Yoda Koto, I wasn’t sure if Jaina would have any problems or not. Before you try to assemble her – open the instructions packet, not because you really need to follow the directions but because they include 2 decals inside of it that you can chose between for putting under your clear acrylic stand. You can either select a Rogue Squadron graphic decal or a clear one w/ Star Wars in white letters. You insert the decal by squeezing the sides of the base and it opens up. Place the decal inside and properly position it and lock the 2 pieces together. I have my Rogue Squadron one showing and put the backup underneath it for safe keeping.

Jaina’s lower torso took some manhandling to get her left foot to properly fit in the pre-drilled holes for her boot, but one I got it lined up she stands perfectly. Snapping the rest of the pieces together were fairly easy – the hands are a little tricky simply because the pieces are large and you can’t directly see whether they’re lining up and locking properly. Jaina comes in 6 pieces: Base, lower body, torso/head, left hand/helmet, right hand/vest, and lightsaber. Her lightsaber is the last piece to put on, you simply slip it under her finger.

My slight bit of struggling didn’t take long, I doubt it took me 5 minutes to put her together.

Quality: The model herself is quite lovely. The shading and lifelike attention to fabric folds on the costume makes it a bit of a shame that her face is cartoonish, had they used one of Tsuyoshi Nagano’s models from his coverart for the Japanese EU books, she’d be drop dead gorgeous. As it is, she’s very cute. The box tells us a bit about the Bishoujo line and promises that more Star Wars ladies will be on the way from all eras. At last Summer’s San Diego Comic Con Koto revealed that Mara Jade would be next in line. If she’s imagined as nicely as Jaina, I’ll certainly be first in line to put Luke’s lady on Pre-order.



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