Jakks Pacific Receives Star Wars Toy License


Jedi Temple Archives has learned that toymaker Jakks Pacific has picked up licensing rights for making STAR WARS toys! First up is going to be a WHOPPER – it’s going to be a 31″ Darth Vader toy! (Click on Jedi Temple link above for pics.) Years ago they made a similar sized Superman figure for Superman Returns. Looking at the box-art, it’s the same as what was just released at Toy Fair UK this month as what will be on the new Hasbro stuff for this year. So perhaps the Jakks line is going to be making stuff as a sub-contract to Hasbro? This could be GREAT news for us! This would mean that Jakks would have approval from Hasbro to make stuff that they don’t want to make/or are not specialized in making.

Why does this excite me so much? Because Jakks also makes AMAZING Barbie sized dolls. They have play line dolls and even produce Taylor Swift dolls, but they’ve also got a more sophisticated adult collector body style for dolls that they produce.

Years ago they made dolls for the Charlies Angels movies and the dolls were BEAUTIFUL! (Yes their hair looks a bit a mess in these photos but the face sculpts look just like Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz, and Drew Barrymore – in person they’re stunning.)


Photo credit: TeddyBoyc

I also have in my collection a 12″ custom Mara Jade who was made using one of JP model dolls and she’s just lovely!


Could THIS be the opening that we’ve been looking for to finally get new Padme, Leia and other female character dolls? This certainly would be a great move in that direction. This would bypass the problem of Lucasfilm trying to get a deal with Hasbro’s competitor Mattel for dolls. Plus over the years many male collectors have used Jakks bodies for customizing their Leias – I believe that this could be a win-win for everyone!

Looking at Jakks website, it appears that they’ve just obtained licensing from Disney for making a “dress up” playline of stuff for Disney Princesses (clothes, kid sized playsets, makeup, etc) – so this partnership appears to be new across the board with their company and would certainly explain how STAR WARS would suddenly appear at a company that’s never made merchandise for them before.

Finally – back in 2000 Jakks Pacific made a larger line of fashion dolls called “Elle” dolls that used the same body style as those above and the dolls were 15″ tall.


It’s highly possible that IF Jakks could get the doll license they could produce larger dolls for our favorite GFFA heroines (and villains!) This would be great news for collectors – the dolls are considered higher quality toy quality so the price point would be a LOT lower than having Robert Tonner obtaining the license. Jakks however doesn’t skimp on quality when they’re working on their higher end dolls. When they released the Elle dolls, some of them came with really awesome fashion accessories, such as travel trunks that stand up really well for displaying/man handling.

Yes, I’m jumping the gun here – currently all that we know is that they’ve produced a mongo sized Darth Vader figure, BUT this could be our opening for FINALLY getting more girls STAR WARS centric merchandise.

Jakks has a customer service linedrop them an email or write a letter and let them know that you’d love to see them produce STAR WARS dolls!


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