Star Wars Valentine’s Day Galerie and M&M’s Goodies From Target


Today I hit Target and found myself groaning and stewing over the batch of funky goodies that were available for Valentine’s day. It’s that magical time of year when Sith Lords, bounty hunters, ancient alien Jedi Masters, and droids give warm fuzzies to your heart.

They had your traditional heart shaped candy boxes – 2 of which were very much aimed at girls they were black w/ Yoda and Vader etched out in sparkly gemtype designs. The others were soft poofy close-ups of R2’s dome – his red light was shaped as a heart. The other was Vader’s chest. They also had Galerie Bubble Gum machines shaped like Darth Vader, he was available in either black or red.  I opted not to get these. Instead, here was my haul for the day:

Galerie Goodies:


Yoda Ceramic Mug with Star Wars Conversational Hearts –  This mug is large – it’s 5″ tall and 4″ at the widest part across. It’s also quite heavy which is nice for showing that it’s not cheaply made. The graphics are with Yoda and the Rebellion symbol and on the back it just says STAR WARS. It’s kind of a grungy green design. I like the little bubbles on the bottom as a nice extra design element.

The hearts inside seem to alternate between saying “Do or Do Not” and “MTFBWY” – if you don’t know what that means, you shouldn’t be reading this blog.  Retail price was $9.99.

IMG_5772Yoda Ceramic Goblet with Star Wars Conversational Hearts – They’ve been making these kinds of goblets for a while and I’ve never managed to get my hands on one, so I was excited that I finally scored this goofy looking goblet. They had a Darth Vader also but the wide rim opening of the head to drink out of looks funnier on Yoda…yeah I know, just TRY and figure out what appeals to me, I dare you!

The goblet is 6″ tall and about 3 1/2″ at it’s widest at top. These are dated 2013. The conversational hearts that I can see have other sayings in them “Mesa luv you” “Nerf herder” being the 2 new sayings. This particular goblet was recently featured in this season’s premier of The Big Bang Theory” when Raj and Stewart were drinking sad lonely guy drinks in the comic book store late at night together. Be careful when picking your mug out – the plastic that’s tightly gripped around his head can cause paint chipping at the ears – I discovered that with the first one I picked up. Retail Price: $9.99.

IMG_5771Darth Vader Ceramic Jar with Cherry Fruit Buttons –  RED:  This candy jar is about 6″ in all directions – length and height. It’s currently available in two colors, traditional Vader black and red. I THINK I might have the black one somewhere in the stuff that I haven’t unpacked yet so I opted to pick up the red one. There’s a little round plug in the back for opening and closing the jar. This sucker is heavy. It’s detailing isn’t as fine for Vader’s facial features unlike some other things that I’ve seen – BUT it’s nice. The Red paint is pretty and very shiny. Vader will set you back $14.99.

IMG_5765Star Wars Dispensers with Sound and Candy Giftset – I love these little candy dispensers and got very excited when I saw this Valentine’s day colored giftset. The only one who didn’t get further into the holiday spirit is Darth Maul, who apparently with his red face and black garb is a love machine year round! The other 3 characters are decked out of the holiday – you’ve got a Clone Trooper, who I guess you could argue is some specific clone – whatever works for you – I just think he’s cute. Darth Vader is all in red – he is actually the exact miniature of the gumball machine that they also sell in a larger size. Finally R2-D2 is now all read with a pink light. Each dispenser comes with candy, a non-replaceable battery, and makes noises. Retail price: $11.99.

M&M’s Goodies

IMG_5780M&M Star Wars M&M’s Candy Dispensers – These guys were another set of items that kept alluding me in my trips to Target that I now finally got my mitts on. The dispensers are dated 2007 so they’re not new. They come without candy. Target had 3 versions – Blue M as Boba Fett, Yellow Peanut M as Darth Vader, and Red M as Obi-Wan Kenobi. They also had these exact same characters available in larger sizes with slightly different candy dispensing devices that you could purchase separately. Those M’s are larger than these and I think a dollar cheaper. I like the novelty appeal for these particular dispensers. Boba rather cracks me up. These retail at $4.99 each.IMG_5781

IMG_5766Star Wars M&M Candy Fans & Darth Maul Pez Dispenser – I had picked up three of these in Santa Ana at the Star Wars Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit. So I was pretty excited to see that along with Darth Vader and Obi-Wan (both who I already had along with Green M Princess Leia) they now had an Orange M as a Stormtrooper and Red M is all decked out as Darth Maul. Both have cute graphics of their characters on the fan hilt. Maul has a “Sith” graphic in the center of his fan and the Stormtrooper has an Imperial insignia on it. Both fans have little hidy holes in the bottom where there are some M&M’s hidden. I also got a Darth Maul Pez Dispenser – normal sized. They had a bunch of characters – all of which I think I already had. I might already have Maul, but his coloring seemed different than I’ve seen on these before, it’s a little darker red. The Pez is $1.99 and the Fans are $3.99 each.


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