Star Wars Toys R Us Ewok Pack & Clone Wars AV-7 Mobile Canon & Obi-Wan’s Jedi Starfighter


Along with hitting Target today I went to Toys R Us. I don’t have a TRU super close and haven’t been there for a while. I went in hopes of finding the new 12″ playline figures that are out but the location I visited didn’t have them. They did have some older Galactic Heroes sets and a few Vintage line figures that sort of tempted me, but instead I decided to settle for going for the big prizes.

At the moment TRU has a BOGO deal going on – buy one Star Wars goody, you can get a second at 1/2 off. Not sure how long this sale is going for, I suggest hitting your TRU soon to take advantage of the sale.


Star Wars TRU Exclusive Ewok Pack – when I heard about this set coming out at the holidays I really wanted it. For $39.99 you get 5 ewoks that include interchangeable hoodies and weapons. Ewoks in the pack are: Flitchee, Nanta, Teebo, Kneesaa, and Tippet. My favorite thing about the pack is Princess Kneesaa – she’s a lovely throwback to the old Ewok cartoons from the ’80’s. It’s nice seeing her as an actual ewok. This pack is great, other than Teebo, I think all of the other ewoks are new! They are extremely cute and I highly recommend picking the set up!


Star Wars the Clone Wars – Obi-Wan’s Jedi Starfighter & AV-7 Mobile Cannon – This special combo pack was a nice surprise. These two items were packaged together for $34.99. When I was looking at the shelves they had Obi-Wan’s Starfighter in new packaging by itself for $32.99.

With TRU’s special BOGO sale going on, I scored both ships for $17.50! I’m not a huge ship person, but at that kind of a price for brand new goodies – I’ll take them!



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