Jar-Jar Binks & Wald Gentle Giant 2012 Premier Guild Member Bust Set – Review

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Company: Gentle GiantProduct: Premier Guild Member – Jar Jar Binks and Wald Mini-Bust GiftsetYear: 2012Number: 233/600

This week I received my 2012 Premiere Guild Jar-Jar and Wald giftset. If anyone is familiar with my blog, I tend to go bonkers for anything GG related, and this set is no exception. (Sorry about the current lack of close-up pics, I photographed them w/o my flash and they came out yuck-so I need to rephotograph them.)

Once again the artists at Gentle Giant hit it out of the park. Both Jar-Jar and Wald have amazing detailing on them.

Jar-Jar is a full sized mini-bust. Getting a full sized bust and a smaller one in a set is amazing for the price spent on them. I do know why Gentle Giant did this, they did this because of poor Jar-Jar’s extreme lack of popularity in the adult collector’s market. I adore the loveable goofball so I really love this mini-bust. The detailing on it amazing. The painting of the spots on his arms and the ridges in his ears are screen perfect. He’s got that fleshy flabby look to his arms that looks 100% real. Whether with or without his Christmas doo-dags, he’s a great bust.

Wald – I think in many ways Wald is amazing. He’s got crazy detailing on his head. In fact Wald is so nicely detailed that he makes the original Greedo look plain. I’ve rather missed seeing extreme random characters made into busts, I think this is great. I don’t believe Wald has even been made by Hasbro, so for alien lovers like myself, this bust is great if for no other reason than because it’s a new character to add to your collection!

The Christmas features are a hat for Jar-Jar and a string of mini lights. Some of the lights light up, the others are metallic-like bulbs. There’s a tiny power pack that you turn on to light them up.

Overall – this is a wonderful set for 2 prequel characters who are hard to find any new merchandise on.


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