My Favorite Star Wars Collectibles from 2012

So another year is about to depart us and the years are now dwindling until we’re about to get invaded by a whole new era of SW merchandise offerings to make our wallets groan as the Sequels creep forward.

Let’s take a few to look back on 2012 and tell us what were your favorite items that you picked up this year? (Items can be new or new to you.)

In no particular order for me:

  • IMG_3909I fell in love with 1/6 scale figures from Hot Toys. I’d picked up a couple of their True Type nude custom figures before but had never purchased full figures. The arrival of my beautiful Bespin Luke Skywalker figure forever changed my love of 12″ figures. Once I got him I ran out and found myself a Christopher Reeve Superman figure and a Wolverine from Wolverine Origins. I’m going to be very excited to see what their Han Solo looks like and who will be coming down the line!
  • Sideshow Tusken Raider – Sideshow has gotten in this horrific rut of making nothing but Clones, so when I saw that they were going to make a different non-Bounty Hunter or Clone figure – I jumped at the opportunity to pick him up. He turned out quite nice! I’m very pleased w/ his level of detail. I’m looking forward to my Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi showing up next year and hope that Sideshow goes back to expanding their 1/6 line w/ more different characters, lord knows there are plenty left for them to make!
  • IMG_1005Custom 16″ Padme Robert Tonner Dolls & Custom 1/6 scale Padme figures – Thanks to Star Wars being a bit on the back burner for most of the year I was able to pick up a couple of lovely custom repaint Padme dolls by 2 talented doll artists. Since Robert Tonner hasn’t managed to secure the Star Wars license since he did that ultra rare 19″ Queen Amidala set for FAO Schwartz- this the best option I had. A friend made a couple of outfits for me and now I have Padme dolls to go with my 1/4 scale Diamond Select Anakin & other figures. I also found the means to assemble a couple of 12″ scale dolls who’s faces have been sculpted to look like Natalie Portman – they’re not perfect since I have to put wigs on them but they work and finally give me some much needed Padme dolls for my other prequel shelves. I also made with the help of my friend a custom 12″ Shmi doll since I know no other toy manufacturer will ever make her in that scale.
  • IMG_0796Gentle Giant Mini-Busts – Gentle Giant continues to be my favorite collectible manufacturer. They are rather blind on who they decide to sculpt and make busts based on who their artists feel like making rather than paying only attention to fans. New busts this year that were standouts for me were Logray & Wicket, Watto, my Wondercon exclusive 3D movie theater Yoda, Emperor Palpatine, and at some point my Jar-Jar and Wald will be shipping. I also picked up Aalya Secura.
  • Kellogg’s Phantom Menace Pens – I’d rather missed the thrill of hunting for random Star Wars collectibles in cereal boxes or kids meals – it was fun trying to get all of these. Still missing Yoda though.

Those were my highlights – what were yours?


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