Sideshow Tusken Raider 1/6 Scale Exclusive Figure Review

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Manufacturer: Sideshow
Figure: Tusken Raider Exclusive – Scum and Villainy Collection
Size: 1/6 Scale (12″)

[rant]So Sideshow, it’s been a while. I did pick up a bunch of assorted Sideshow figures online back in 2011 on ebay, but I haven’t actually felt the need to jump in and buy many figures from their actual site. Why? Because once they figured out how to successfully make armor and helmets – all we get are military figures (clones, rebels, troopers, etc.)

I’ve thought about this for quite a while. I go online and I see guys who have their 3 3/4″ figures all laid out in huge war displays and it occurred to me that STAR WARS has become, for many collectors, the army men of yesterday. Long ago male collectors bought tiny die-cast soldiers who they’d paint and set up elaborate re-enactments of famous battles. They’d place trees and canons on the board until everything was just right. STAR WARS figures are the new army men.

Well that’s great for the guys who enjoy that, but it SUCKS if you’re a STAR WARS fan who can give a flying fig about army builders. When I saw this figure pop up I immediately ordered him because FOR ONCE it was something that WASN’T an army builder. [/rant]

Review: Sideshow does a great job with costumes and making accessories. If you want a figure to accurately possess every single minute what-not that appeared on his body during the film, Sideshow is your company for mini-replicas.

The Tusken Raider is AWESOME for the details gone into making him. His leather pouches that are strapped around his shoulder and chest are weathered looking, the weapons even though they’re plastic look like wood, and the fabric used on the outfit is also weathered without being tattered. I particularly like the detailing on the bottom inside of the raider’s inside cloak that is mud splattered.

The only other 12″ figure that we’ve ever had w/ a Tusken came from Hasbro, this one is of course lightyears superior although it truly isn’t fair to compare/contrast toy vs collector versions.

I like that Sideshow took the time to even make a nice little mat to go on top of the stand so it looks like he’s standing on sand.

His head is also perfectly crafted. The figure comes w/ 3 extra hands so you can have him holding his rifle and if you get the exclusive version he has 3 weapons – all of which are sized perfectly and look amazing.

The one odd thing, I have no idea what’s going on with his right leg, it seems to be a smidgeon longer than the other and is positioned oddly on his hip that I can’t seem to turn it into place. Only thing I can think of is that it’s designed so that you can display him laying down with his rifle. That’s alright but it does make it so that he doesn’t stand quite right and certainly can’t stand on his own, thank goodness for stands I guess.

Overall I’m pleased. The character isn’t exactly sexy, he’s not cute like Jawas, but it’s very screen accurate and I’m pleased with my purchase. If I could score another cheap I would simply so I could have a second one to battle with AOTC Anakin.

Sideshow, PLEASE make more characters like this! There are still tons of crazy figures from all 6 films who need to be made before we get assaulted with all new characters from the new films!


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