Star Wars Memories: Christmas 1978

Being a girl I grew up with tons of toys – I had Barbie, dolls, books, whatever – my Star Wars toy collection centered around 3 3/4″ figures and 3 of the 12″ figure line. Down the road I received 2 vintage rectangle figure carrying cases and a Darth Vader case which my paternal grandmother sent to me when I was home one week sick from school – nothing makes you feel better than receiving the gift of Star Wars! The closest I ever got to owning sets type items were a Taun Taun and a Wompa.

I think that since I never got ships growing up as a kid and had to use legos, strawberry baskets, and whatever else I could find to build my playsets is probably why now I don’t focus on ships in my collection but prefer items that look like the characters.

Here are 2 pics of my from Christmas 1978. Obviously I’m distracted by whatever I’m currently opening, my Dad didn’t photograph me actually opening my Star Wars goodies but you can see them in my haul piles:

My Vintage Kenner 12″ Luke Skywalker

The Kenner Star Wars Board Game and a puzzle right behind it.


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