Hot Toys Star Wars Luke Skywalker (Bespin Outfit) 1/6 Scale Figure DX Series Sideshow Exclusive Review

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Manufacturer: Hot Toys
Distributor: Sideshow Toys
Date: 2012
Version: DX Series/Sideshow Exclusive
Size: 1/6 scale (12″ scale)

I’m on a high at the moment, you’ll have to excuse me but OH MY FREAKING GOD! I’ve gotten my hands on some of the Hot Toys True Type figures and various bodies before, but I’ve never owned a complete special series film figure. It’s official I’m in love with Hot Toys – I might need to do a payment plan option for their Jake Sully.

I admit to you that I didn’t fully read the specs when I decided to purchase this figure. I knew from the True Type figures that Hot Toys made amazing figures and I blindly just bought the deal. I figured you’d get interchangeable heads, hands, and outfits, I did not realize that you get TWO complete figures! So I’ll review each separately.

First: Packaging. Urrr yeah, Ok so the little character tags didn’t go through QA very well – apparently I bought a “Uke Skywalker” figure. But really, who gives a crap about a tiny piece of paper??

The figures both come in this massive box that expertly layers all of your goodies. What I love is that this packaging is MEANT to be disassembled and the items removed – it’s not mean to be left in package.

Once you take out your figures and remove the foam layer you get to the plastic sections where the bases and the pieces for the weathervane where hidden.

Before you take the figures out there’s a little label on it that tells you to read the directions before you attack the items in the box. FINE. This is officially the first and only time in my life where reading the instruction manual got me even more excited for my purchases than seeing the purchases right in front of me.

Figures: Both figures have a special called Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS)  – check it out!

Oh so what’s PERS? It’s a function that allows you to move your figure’s eyes in order to give you even more screen-like accuracy when displaying your figure!

How does it work? You remove Luke’s hair – either Luke figure, both do this. Underneath you see a lever. Flip it to the right and the eyes move to the left, flip it left and the eyes move right. Put it in the middle and the eyes stay centered.

Once you’re happy with where you’ve put the eyes replace the hair (which is soft vinyl and easy to take on and off) and voila – your Luke is ready to look around for Darth Vader!

This might be the first time that I’ve ever seen an indented eyeball type doll where the eyes underneath don’t look creepy. I’m going to guess that the eyes are vinyl and not glass which gives them a wet look without being glossy and dead.

Hot Toys probably uses this feature in their other figures so it might not be new to collectors of other figures, but it’s new to me and I think it’s awesome!

Pre-battle Luke: Luke #1 is awesome. How he managed to get such a nice clean outfit after spending months in the swamp is beyond me, but along w/ his nicely coiffed hair, this is bar-none the most screen accurate 1/6 scale Mark Hamil likeness that I’ve ever seen on a figure. They’ve got his chin cleft, and his face is sculpted in a natural determined expression. His outfit is beautiful, I think I love the boots on both of the figures in some ways more than the outfits. They’re made of soft fabric but look like leather. Because they’re fabric you can more easily move the feet for positioning them and you don’t have to worry about feet breaking off trying to get them into stiff boots – not that I can see a way to take these off, come to think about it.

Post Battle Luke: This version has gone though the ringer. His outfit is ripped, frayed, and has some blood stains on it. Luke comes with his hand, but there are additional pieces that allow you to display him so he either has: just a bloody stump (Vader you bastard!) his hand apparently magnets on it so you can fling that hand when your Vader comes a-chopping. He also has the medical guard that you can put over his stump. The second Luke’s hair is all plastered and looks like a sweaty mess. His face is also covered in bloody abrasions.

There are 2 stands – one is a very showy raised stand w/ a metal name plaque – the other is a standard Hot Toys Star Wars stand with Luke’s name on it. Hot Toys stands are odd – you assemble them and the grippers actually go up between the legs and cushion the crotch and tush. It does make it so you don’t have to worry about ugly wrap around clamps to interfere with the costume, but the design is funny.

Finally you get the weather vane.  You have to assemble it, but it’s not too hard. At the top there’s a button you can press on and it’ll turn on a bunch of lights that blink on and off. I think the ones on the side vanes are supposed to light up too but they don’t. Oh well.

Overall I just love these figures. This set makes me incredibly happy. I had worried that I was going to have to buy myself another True Type figure but now I don’t have to.

The only problem I have now is…sigh, I’m going to have to decide upon and buy a high-end version of Darth Vader to go with Luke. Anyone have any suggestions on which one I should look for?

WAIT: I forgot the head! Sideshow’s exclusive is Luke’s Dagobah Tree vision helmet where he sees his own face inside Vader’s helmet.

No moving eyes on this – they’re just glossy and stuck. The mask/head is creepy and all kinds of awesome 🙂


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5 Responses to Hot Toys Star Wars Luke Skywalker (Bespin Outfit) 1/6 Scale Figure DX Series Sideshow Exclusive Review

  1. Paul Hans says:

    Sideshow is making a new Darth Vader next year so wait for it! Great review! My Luke just shipped this morning from Sideshow.

  2. erikab1123 says:

    I thought that I had seen that they were making a big deluxe version, I guess I will wait for that. All I’ve got is my Vintage Vader (I wish the current manufacturers would scale Vader a bit larger) and a couple of Hasbro versions. Having a really nice, sleeker one would be nice.

    Congrats about your Luke! You’re going to flip when you get him he’s soooo amazing!

  3. Paul Hans says:

    The new Sideshow Vader is 1/6 scale but will stand 14 inches tall ( as their previous version does) so he is perfectly scaled to fit with the new Luke as he will look about a foot taller as he should. I have the hot toys Christopher Reeve Superman and me and my kids love it as it is the best looking figure we have seen but I think the new Luke could very well topple the Man of Steel!

    • erikab1123 says:

      Excellent! I’m happy to hear that he’ll be scaled correctly. Ha! After I got my Luke I tracked down and ordered one of the Chris Reeve Superman Hot Toys figures and will get it likely this next week. I’ve been drooling over him forever but was really hesitant of the pricetag – yeah after seeing these 2, I’m not longer deterred by that, he’ll be worth the money. Course this is now making me eyeball the Hot Toys Indiana Jones figures also…*Sigh*

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