Pepsi Star Wars 2000 C-3PO Sound Cap Review

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Manufacturer: Jasrac
Date: 2000
International: Japan

This is one of I believe 3 Sound Pepsi bottle toppers that were made in 2000 for Celebration. This is not by Gentle Giant like the previous sound caps, but it’s still nice in it’s quality.

When you click the button in the back C-3PO plays the Star Wars Theme song. I haven’t removed him out of box yet but it looks like his arms move up and down and around much like the arm versions of the mini-bottle caps.

I really like that this C-3PO is from The Phantom Menace – there really aren’t that many objects out there with “naked” C-3PO. We’ve never had a Gentle Giant mini-bust made of him, even though they’ve made 3 other versions. This cap gets around the whole see-through issue by making the fill-in areas black. Size-wise I believe he’s about the same size as the drink toppers that you could get from Taco Bell and KFC that came out when TPM premiered.

Overall he’s a great collectible!


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