Gentle Giant Star Wars Watto Mini-Bust Review

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Manufacturer: Gentle Giant
Edition Size: 386/1200

So my office was in chaos for a while and I have a few new goodies to review that I hadn’t gotten around to.

Up first is my Gentle Giant Watto Mini-bust!

I have a fondness for The Phantom Menace, it might not be the best film of the series but it introduced us to the Anakin & Obi-Wan’s world – before the Dark Times, before the Empire.

Watto always stood out to me as one of the coolest characters from TPM, they’d never done a flying character in Star Wars and I liked that they took him more on the reptilian/dinosaur route rather than assuming that he’d have feathers. Gentle Giant did a wonderful job at capturing his leathery skin, his bright yellow/orange eyes, and included all of the gizmos & whatnots that he carts around with him. The bust has him examining a chance cube. I love how they even made his teeth look contemplative.

The paint job is spot on, he’s got that pearly teal green thing going on with lots of ridges and wrinkles. They gave him some brown shading in his creases to make him look weathered.

Watto’s wings have a good span on them which does make him rather annoying to display because inevitably his wings are stabbing something behind him on the shelf – but other than that minor complaint – another lovely bust from GG!


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